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Unique musical instruments that produces beauitful sounds

Contrabass Balalaika

This is a Russian folk instrument that was developed way back in the 17th century. Its shape is quite peculiar as compared to the other stringed instruments. It has a unique triangular shape and it comes with legs that make it easier for it to rest on the ground. It is played with either fingers or leather plectrums. An additional bonus is that it comes in various sizes and we are sure that the music lover in you will fall in love with its sounds.

Slit drum

A slit drum is more-or-less exactly what it sounds like: a hollow box (normally made of bamboo or another wood) with slits cut through it. It is struck with a special mallet in various places to create different pitches. The wood it is constructed from, the size, and the shape of the drum all affect the sound, allowing for a lot of diversity between one slit drum and another.


The kalimba is a type of thumb piano that exists in extremely simple or advanced constructions: at its core, it consists of a hollow block of wood with metal tabs that the player plucks against the box to create notes. Some more modern kalimbas allow for the instrument to be plugged in to a power source in order to amplify the sound.


With just one-to-three strings, the zeze doesn’t look like the most complicated instrument, but is in fact capable of producing incredible notes. It’s very inexpensive to build one — it’s often made from junk lying around, such as old steel or a bicycle wire. The wire or string is then plucked or played with a bow and can produce a wide variety of sounds depending on its frame.


Djembe drums are usually covered in animals skins and laced with rope in order to tune the instrument (tighter ropes produce a higher note; looser ones allow for more a deeper bass). The body can be carved from any variety of hardwood, and its construction will influence the sound. Traditionally, only men play the djembe.

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