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Top 3 action android games

Marvel Future Fight

Based on a story by Peter David, whose repertoire includes comics like The Incredible Hulk, Aquaman and Star Wars, Marvel Future Fight lets you the mightiest heroes and save the Marvel multiverse from collapsing upon each other. The game play may remind you of Injustice: Gods Among Us. The 3 vs 3 team up combat is a tried and tested formula and it doesn’t fail to impress here too.

The one-finger controls are easy to use and lets you pick up a quick fight while you are waiting for your metro or a short washroom break. This is a must have for all Marvel fans. However, hardcore combat gamers wouldn’t be disappointed with Marvel – FF. The only imperative is that you need a fast phone, with an octa core processor and more than 1 GB ram to enjoy the game to the fullest.


Implosion is the newest AAA graphic enabled game available on handheld devices. We have seen a lot of AAA games for mobile before, like The Dark Knight Rises and others, and although they have a huge download size and demands a high-end phone to run them, they are simply the best looking games available on mobile platforms. Implosion looks stunning on a tablet. You can also try it on your mobile phone, provided it has at least 1 GB RAM. If action games are what you swear by, you won’t be disappointed by Implosion.

Commando WW2

WW2 is the stunning graphics that instantly immerses the player into the battle. The sharp response gets the player glued to the game for endless hours. We felt the game looks better with a bigger screen, so we recommend a tablet to experience the game at its full glory.

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