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Next Big Evolution in the Gaming Industry

Virtual Reality exploded into the gaming industry over a year ago and is now gaining tremendous momentum. Virtual Reality gaming offer an interactive experience and additionally, reinvigorates the sub-industries that help produce the peripherals that enhance said gaming experience. Although VR might not fundamentally transform the current gaming scene, it most definitely will lead to the appearance of new games and the revival of some old titles.

The last two years have posed a critical test for VR gaming’s future, with many high-end headsets debuting in the market. Nevertheless, high prices combined with a limited collection of games have kept top end devices like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift from mainstream gamers. However, with time, the technology will surely become more accessible, and VR technology will likely create a number of niche opportunities. Game development will most definitely be one of the more lucrative of such niches.

Virtual reality in gaming delivers full immersion, 360-degree vision, increased realism, and excellent surround sound to the modern-day gamer. The speedy rise of the VR mania can be best summarized by an example from 2015, when the first virtual reality headset was launched for regular users. It was the Oculus Rift CV1 headset, and the entire first consignment of it was sold within 15 minutes from the presale release time.Unlike 3D games where gamers become a spectator entirely, VR provides gaming experiences in a three-dimensional environment that allows them to interact with the surroundings. The idea of VR lies in the fact that peripheral vision is accounted for, which creates the signature immersive effect. In 3D, by contrast, the entire field of view isn’t overlapped, thereby massively limiting the gamers’ visual involvement.

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