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 Wii U GamePad

Wii U GamePad, which features a built-in touchscreen that can serve as a supplement to games. In first-person shooter games, a second screen lets you access the map or your inventory seamlessly without leaving the game field. What you can do with a secondary screen is not limited to that, it adds to the gaming experience which is demonstrated wonderfully in this ZombiU gameplay trailer out for an inside view.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality you will be fed with additional information or data overlay, digitally, in real-time. One good example of AR in action will be the mobile app, Wikitude. Holding up your smartphone and pointing towards your surroundings, the screen reveals nearby restaurants, ATMs, hotels, etc for your navigation.In gaming, there’re already gaming apps like DroidShooting, a simple shooter game which lets the player interact with the surroundings in real-time. Holding your smartphone up, you will need to shoot targets appearing from everywhere around you. This is very primitive gaming, of course, but there is a window of possibilities for such a gameplay concept.

Cloud Gaming

With Cloud Gaming, we need not wait forever to get updates to high-quality games. It’s all in the cloud and all we have to do is connect to it with a stable Internet connection and play to our heart’s content. Games will also be cheaper and more easily accessible via computers and even tablets. How much longer need we wait for this? In August 2012, Sony has purchased Gaikai the world’s largest and most widespread cloud gaming service for $380 million and is expected to incorporate it into Playstation 4. So, not long, fingers crossed.

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